Hand Of God, “Intro (Vinyl Mix)”

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Jeremy Krinsley

The known of noise and ambient producers who discover movement, the 4/4 as it were, is that people do it. Enough noisemakers have transitioned that it’s notably peculiar as an undocumented behavior pattern. And while it may seem sudden for certain producers, it is a false pretense, as it is always gradual.

Take the Hand of God project, brainchild of former noiseur Jeremy Krinsley. In what seems like a lifetime ago, I was in Death By Audio discovering that my fellow editor at Impose had a noise project. On a quiet night in the then vacant and ramshackled Williamsburg waterfront, he manipulated radio frequencies and structured them into compositions under the moniker Human Resources. From those early Human Resources cassettes my favorite tracks were always those with a slight proclivity towards movement. Years later, Krinsley had the Alan Watts project with Michael Sheffield and Patrick Stankard, marrying psychedelia with noise manipulation and as it grew techno entered the fold.

Three months ago on Godmode’s American Music compilation, Krinsley unveiled Hand Of God with an eponymous track that shuffles like a house spiritual, alive with the holy ghost of movement. In August, Hand Of God and Godmode will release Intl.Shipping, the debut and complete transformation of Krinsley from larva noisemaker into winged high priest putting the pulse into our bodies. Having amassed a collection of records that led Krinsley to this incarnation of his music, he curated the “Intro (Vinyl Mix)” for our Friday Night series. These are the touchtones that fed the transformation.

Hand of God’s Intl.Shipping is out August 21 on Godmode.