Wax Idols, “Lonely You”

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Wax Idols

California-based Hether Fortune, formerly a part of White Lung, is the mind behind dark pop-rock outfit Wax Idols. “Lonely You”, a new single, is a taste of Wax Idols’ upcoming album American Tragic, to be released through Geoff Rickly’s Collect Records. In “Lonely You”, Fortune goes through the phases of coping with a breakup and the transition from sadness to acceptance. Though its goth aesthetic and decidedly unhappy subject matter cast a somber shadow over the track, it allows increasingly wide glimpses of bright levity to shine through. While it begins with brusque gloom, the single morphs into empowered pop glory. Fortune confirmed this contrast to FADER, saying, “Loneliness can be both sad and empowering. Ultimately, it’s up to you.” Switching between wallowing in sorrow and reveling in independence, “Lonely You” is as dualistic as breakup songs come, and a good one to keep in your back pocket in case you need it someday.

American Tragic is out October 16 on Collect Records.