Hannah Diamond, “Every Night”

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First, if you haven’t already heard Hannah Diamond’s “Pink and Blue“, listen to it immediately. It’s one of the most bizarrely addictive songs of the year, a chirpy future-pop track with an amazingly off-kilter lyrical meter. “I know that you’re sooooooooo / unavailable,” Diamond sings, stretching out the first five words and then racing to finish her thought. “But you call me all the time, and you know I’ve got you on my mind.” Her delivery is mostly punchy and tempered, spelling out an endearing crush-circle of wondering and detachment.

On her latest proper single, “Every Night”, Diamond is similarly stuck in her own head, singing hyper-punctuated lines over glitchy synths. “I know you like the way that I  look and it looks like I like you too, you know I do / I like the way you know that I like how you look and you like me too.” There is a definitive self-awareness to Hannah Diamond’s over-the-top sweetness, from her prisamcolor songs to her glossy artwork, and it is super intriguing.

The UK singer’s single is out via PC Music, whose Soundcloud is sort of a gold mine.