Hobo Cubes, “Structures in Stasis”

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Hobo Cubes

Next week, Debacle Records will announce the debut of Apex Ideals, the work of Montreal's Franceso De Gallo—aka Hobo Cubes—who runs Hobo Cult Records, a label known for putting out limited edition cassettes. He's previously released tapes on NNA, Opal, Orange Milk, and Hooker Vision, and others, composing music that is both alienating and intimate in his organic manipulation of the synthetic—electronic traditions of house, techno and glitch inform his minimalist and ambient palette. The track “Structures in Stasis” prompts a spacey introspective state of mind not usually achieved outside the deep woods. The sonic journey he takes us on, though completely amorphous and abstract, has deceptive will. The sound pours. And the effect sneaks up on you.

Stream this track off the LP, out February 11 on Debacle Records. Preorder here.