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iller than theirs

Tone Tank is hard at work now that Modern Shark is up and running. So far he's impressed on the label sampler and dropped a dope collaboration with Kool A.D. of Das Racist. Reportedly he is working on a full length with Scott Thorough, but today I've got a collaboration with Kray under the group name Iller Than Theirs.

The digital 7″ features Tone and Kray trading verses over Scott Thorough beats, which you should know by now are some of the illest on the planet. The project has been on hold for some time due to Tone Tank's inability to make album art he liked. Kray picked up the slack to get the 7″ out. Iller Than Theirs got the braggadocio swagger on lock, as Sway and Tank are hungry for altercations, ready to battle any “Pharrell look-a-likes” and scuffing kicks just to start shit.

The Modern Shark blog also has a Iller Than Theirs video, dug up from the vaults, for the song “Razor Bumps”:

Buy the 7″ from iTunes.

Iller Than Theirs, “Sneaker Kids”