Isn’t Ours, “Pax Idyll”

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Mike Sheffield brings a hypnotic cross-examination of dance music and noise to the table, in the form of his solo project, Isn’t Ours, whose debut record, Let Us Go Now into the Afternoon of The Dead, comes out March 31 on Fire Talk. The first single, titled “Pax Idyll,” explores sonic realms that coast between the living and the dead, with a clutter of chaotic multi-effectual ghost-percussion creating dronish dance rhythms and layering misshaped aural tones over the maelstrom of beat-hell. It’s a dance track that doesn’t know it’s a dance track, or a disembodied ghost that doesn’t know it’s dead. The project seems a perfect platform to bring together every curious etching of a seasoned electronic musician like Sheffield (also of Alan Watts, Heaven’s Gate and Weed Hounds) into one central location.