Jeff Zagers, “Still Alive”

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Every once in a while, a song comes on and instills a reminder that, “goddamn, it’s good to be alive.” Its life-affirming purpose is even clearer if the song outright tells you “you’re alive,” as is the case with Jeff Zagers’ new single, “Still Alive.” Simplistic delayed synthesizers and seemingly basic drum machine clicks at the start of the track are quickly layered upon by Zagers’ soothing yet powerful vocals and the inclusion of an alto saxophone, making for an surprisingly complex composition.

The synth tones are added onto over the duration of the song, ranging from bassy underlays to dancy melodic choruses. Taken either as a meaningful mantra or a dance track, all is hammered home hard with the weighty repetition of “I’m still alive.” An accompanying video directed by Merchandise’s Carson Cox was also released, and much like the track, much like the life about which the track sings, it’s pensive, reflective and pretty cool.

Still / Alive is out March 17 on Wharf Cat Records.