Jail add “L” and sign to Sub Pop

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Can someone please tell me what goes on within the walls of the Sub Pop office?

Is there one of those giant bingo cages containing scrawled-on scraps of paper and someone’s grandma pulling out band names? Do they discover a band, then play a Judas Priest record backwards and it just tells them to “Doooo itttt”?

Unanswerable, perhaps, but what I'm trying to figure out is their most recent addition of Milwaukee brain-busting garage poppers Jail. Well, Jaill. Slap an extra L on there to please some German band from the 70s with the same name (and any blogger who can’t accept a band without an unneeded double consonant all the while). Hell, put three L’s, an ampersand and smiley face on it, and I won’t care – Jaill’s songs are contagious.

It’s the sort of jangle pop that was born in the 60s and thrown around a basement full of buddies in the post-punk spunk of the 80s by bands like the dB’s & the Mice. Now it’s here in 2009 to remind you that it’s been down there the whole time, alive and well.

Jaill might’ve been a band that you’d have to convince your friends to get to the show early for, but look out for their Sub Pop debut, which they’ll begin recording in January. Before that, get your hands on a copy of their full-length There’s No Sky (Oh My My), an album that contains the two tracks below.

Jaill, “No Mindless Love”

Jaill, “Beggar Sincere”