John Travoltage, “Heist”

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From first chord to ending coda, John Travoltage’s new single “Heist” is a high-powered, energetic anthem that encourages you to get off the couch and move.  The quartet from San Francisco released their EP Done to Death in 2015.  John Travoltage plans to release a full-length album in 2017, but in the meantime, the band is releasing singles.  Fortunately, “Heist” is on that roster of singles.

“‘Heist’ is our homage to California,” expands lead singer Richie Tubman. “A prayer to the lost days and nights spent roaming the streets between San Francisco and Los Angeles. To the gutterpunk shitheads ripping up curbs to the club-rat rich brats standing in line at Del Taco, to the men and women who make this state go round and round and up and down. We wrote this for all of us.” 

With dynamic vocals and tongue in cheek lyrics, John Travoltage has created a sound that tips a hat to their influences while giving the listener something completely new.  And with a name like John Travoltage, how can you not want to take a listen?

“Heist” was recorded at Different Fur Studios with engineer Grace Coleman.

There will be a single release party at Bottom of The Hill on Thursday, August 25th.