Jonny Dee – “Spotlight”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

A catchy, soulful pop anthem from the San Diego musician

Jonny Dee is a San Diego-based musician who experiments around with pop, garage, soul, R&B and hip-hop textures. We were big fans of his 2018 debut LP The Human Experience, as well as the handful of singles that he’s released since, including “Rotation” and “Just Not Feelin’ Today.” Now the talented singer-songwriter-producer is riding high on the victory vibes of his latest single “Spotlight.”

“Spotlight” is a soulful pop anthem that incorporates searing technicolor synths, propulsive percussion, and a hypnotic closing guitar solo that sends the track to stratospheric heights. Dee’s smooth voice absolutely glides over the track’s silky production, and especially on the catchy, towering chorus: “You you you just wanna get up in the spotlight/ (Yeah) You’ve been lookin for it all night/ (Yeah) Trying to gaze up in the starlight…” The song revels in the big dreams, big sounds kind of vibe – a perfect display of Jonny Dee’s skills and one of his most dynamic tracks to date.

Give it a spin below.