Kevin Morby, “Miles, Miles, Miles”

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Kevin Morby, guitarist for The Babies and bassist for Woods, may seem like he's already got enough on his plate, but never is it too much to tack on a lovely solo album in tribute of New York City. Harlem River, Morby's debut record to come through Woodsist on November 26, is a collection of songs about Morby's five years spent in New York, and it's first track is a stunning, ballad-style beginning. “Miles, Miles, Miles” takes its strongest influence from Southern church standards, building off of only a handful of gently strummed chords and using a magnificently subtle organ beneath its melody. The highlight is, no doubt, Morby's thoughtful, pining lyrics, which go on to wearily mourn the hard journey life can be. Taken with a dose of that standard Dylan nasally tone, “Miles, Miles, Miles” is a snapshot of a past history, brought out around modern friends.

Harlem River will feature contributions from Justin Sullivan (The Babies) as well as Will Canzoneri, Tim Presley (White Fence), Dan Lead, and Cate Le Bon, and can be preordered at this link.