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The Professional Leisure Tour

Kidz in the Hall teamed up with L-R-G clothing for a free EP recorded during its most recent U.S. tour. The EP includes the lead single from its upcoming Land Of Make Believe record.

The Professional Leisure Tour is a prelude to Kidz in the Hall's next studio album. “Jukebox” is the lead single from Land of Make Believe. The EP also includes previously released single “Flickin',” which has aged well. It seems Knawledge and Double-O are transitioning out of their backpacker revivalist format and embracing the hip hop dance-enfused trends that gets rappers the most blog love. The Professional Leisure Tour is 13 exclusive tracks and it's available for download at L-R-G. Amidst all the soaring synth heavy tracks, Kidz wheel-well remains the grounded drum heavy production and lyrics expressing every-man sentiments like on the song “Life I Know.”

Oh, and Double-O flipped Grizzly Bear's “Two Weeks” into a hip hop beat for Knawledge to kick raps. It's dece.

Land of Make Believe is set for a March 9 release date – the same day Biggie died.

Kidz in the Hall, “Jukebox”

Kidz in the Hall, “Grizzly Man”