La Otracina, “Can't Take No City Life”

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la otracina

Please strap on your way back machine goggles and get to that point in your mid-70s existence where you've grown comfortable with your teenage obsession with Easy Rider and just want to update it so that it stars Billy Gibbons as Dennis Hopper and Rob Halford doing Jack Nicholson's part and then La Otracina's “Can't Take No City Life” comes crackling through the radio and you don't even know.

How could you possibly handle this? Only thing to do is leave home in an 18-wheeler you jack yourself from your friendly corner truck stop and high-tail it out into the dark and empty night as those demon guitars burn higher and higher and reach towards the ultimate psych damage solo in the sky.

This track comes off their upcoming new album Reality Has Got To Die, out September 21 on Holy Mountain.