Lantern, “Evil Eye”

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The Philly fuzz-rock trio of Lantern is six EPs and a 7″ in deep in three years time, linking up with Night-People and Bathetic respectively. They’ve back Dirty Beaches, in what now feels like a past lifetime, and in July they’ll add Sophomore Lounge to their label collection with the release of Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach.

Lantern’s sound was discernably lo-fi, but for Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach the group brought in the magic fingers of Jeff Zeigler (Purling Hiss, Kurt Vile, Clockcleaner) to transform their scuzz into a heavy artillery of raw power. Eager to share the transformation, album opener “Evil Eye” sounds like The Stooges self-titled debut dipped in acid. Emily Robb delivers a few Iggy-esque c’mons, but those are passing comparisons as the primal shredding takes center stage like a hydra above the horns, spraying down a venomous rain.

Lantern’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach is out July 9 on Sophomore Lounge. Make your pre-order here.