Lazy, “Childhood Wonder”

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You might remember Lazy from the Chicago date on the Imposition tour back in March. Or perhaps you know them as The Lazy, Knot Lazy or Lazy K. Whatever the moniker, the Kansas City band is anything but, having spent a sizable chunk of time out on the road in 2012. Now, after a short respite, the band is getting ready to release their debut LP Obsession this summer.

Lazy's Obsession features 9 songs spanning 23 minutes, recorded more than a year ago in February of 2012. The songs initially appeared on a long-since-out-of-press a cassette released by the Chicago-based Manic Static in July of 2012. Oft compared to the likes of the Buzzcocks and Zero Boys, Obsession is snotty and smart, dual male-female vocals shouted over noisy buzz-saw guitars to culminate in a roar of frenzied chaos.

“Childhood Wonder” is the fifth track off the forthcoming record. It's a song fit to be a punk classic, complete with a catchy hook, groovy rhythm, and the occasionally neglected jam part. Aside from the chorus of ooh's and ah's, there are hardly more than two lines repeated throughout the song, but it's that sort of simplicity you can't forget. The words stick in your head and by the time the refrain kicks in for a sixth round you'll be hard-pressed to get them out. Stream the track below.

Obsession will be out August 6 on Moniker Records.