Levek wins some more

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Ever since I learned of Levek, through my colleagues, I've been stashing a little loot for the Look On The Bright Side 7″, as well as scouring the internet to satisfy a fix for smaltzy white boy soul.

The FMLY delivered earlier this week with a gang of covers by Levek that's less of the soul arrangement ilk and more of that tender skatting, as though Levek has a thing for Bobby McFerrin records. But I won't front like I'm not digging his a capella, Africana chant take on Dirty Projectors' “Remade Horizon” a bit. My quest didn't end there though. I located Levek's demo, which he put out in August – get it here for free.

The extra download that comes with the purchase of the 7″ also made its way onto the Internet this week. “Chief” is also of the Africana influence, but functions as a fitting complement to the morning sunrise of “Look On The Bright Side”.

The Levek 7″ is out November 16 on Father/Daugther.

Levek, “Heave Ho”

Levek, “Chief”

Levek, “Remade Horizon” (Dirty Projectors cover)

Levek, “Ancient Amazon/New Fashion” (Viernes cover)