Lil' Wayne, I Am Not A Human Being

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In true rapper fashion Lil' Wayne balled out on his own birthday gift. It began as a measly little EP, but by its release it was official dubbed an LP at 12 tracks. Also with all this Drake on here, it's safe to assume he's playing the princess ball at Wayne's super sweet… err… how old is Wayne?

I Am Not A Human Being is mostly tracks cut from his upcoming Carter IV, which could be good news for that record as Wayne is butt-buddies with Drake on this record and auto-tuned out. It makes sense; fairly certain Wayne was in prison when Jay-Z declared auto-tuned deceased. He is adjusting to the parlance of our time.

One of the first leaks is “Gonorrhea,” which upon listen, has me wondering who's smuggling syzrrup into prison for Wayne. He's on his usual martian madness with “you boys is washed up and I'm shitting on'em like two girls and one cup” – the prison is secure, but the internet is not apparently.

You can buy the digital here, if you honestly feel it necessary to support a millionaire in prison on a weapons charge or you can scour the internet for one of the free links. We'd post one, but Wayne's internet police got that penicillin for the drips.

Lil' Wayne, “Gonorrhead” (feat. Drake)