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My first tooth ache. experience was maybe a year and a half ago. I caught her playing some loft space in Northampton, MA with Eric Hnatow and some others. I liked the show enough to walk up to her and buy the self-recorded and self-released Illogically Chronic CD-R, which ended up not working, but she sent me the songs digitally and I've been keeping track of new recordings ever since. She recently released the Skin 7-inch on Father Daughter Records and contributed a c15 to NNA Tapes' Burlington, VT Box Set.

How was that show you played in Northampton, MA a year or two ago? How often do you get out of Vermont to play?

That show was great. I was visiting a friend who brought me to this great place to swim and then we went straight to the show. I hadn't brought a table or a mic stand so I used an ironing board as my table and wrapped my mic around a broom. I usually get out of Vermont for shows at least once a month. Even if I lose money on it sometimes, it's always nice to get out.

The new recordings, primarily “Skin” and the song “Eurydice” from the NNA Tapes Burlington, VT Box Set, sound a bit more polished than those from the Illogically Chronic CD-R. How has recording tooth ache. songs changed from that first CD-R to the recent 7-inch?

<a href="">eurydice by tooth ache.</a>

The funny thing about the Illogically Chronic CD-R is that over half of the songs on there were recorded all in one day in a basement, off the cuff, just writing them as I was recording them all in one take with a few overdubs. That's how tooth ache. started, I guess. So for the longest time the only material I had to show for myself was this weird disc of songs recorded through an internal microphone on a laptop into garageband. Then I started writing new stuff and finally started recording it, but taking a little more care in recording it.