Man Legs

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Calgary stays in our thoughts with Man Legs, which lack the polish of Women/Friendo, but so what, reckless done right is just as rewarding.

Reckless done right is the best route in appreciating Man Legs. Our guess is these canucks are fairly young. Man Legs often meander in off kilter jamming, while violence is spewed into the mics, but each song finds itself a tender groove from the search party of the jam. The garage genre of late has zeroed in on suffering through the lows to pluck out pop bliss. Man Legs are live abstraction; a blues band with shoddy equipment and probably huge fans of Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsies LP.

If “jamminess” is not your forte, bask in the juvenile lyrics of Man Legs. I, for one, will be humming “I wish I was my favorite animal / Cuz you don't have to shower and you can fuck… wherever you want!” all the live-long day.

Both of Man Legs' 7″ releases are available for download on its Myspace page.

Man Legs, “I Don't Care! (If You're Pregnant)”

Man Legs, “Animals”

Man Legs, “A Longtime”