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marz lovejoy

Marz Lovejoy is hitching her talents to the proper tugboat. Currently on tour with Pac Division, she made her debut on the group's Don't Mention It mixtape.

She didn't get a verse on “Shine,” nor would you assume it was important to remember the name, but that's how dues are paid. Put enough swag in your chorus debut, maybe you become essential to performing that song on the tour and get 15 minutes opening on each stop.

If she's lucky the Pac Div faithful have caught on to her with “Sticky” dropping last week. Produced by Polyester of L.A.U.S.D., “Sticky” is signature L.A. glitch with a wink to Southern chopped-n-screwed. Marz reps the west like it's in her vein flow. It's difficult to discern whether Marz' idea of sticky is the of the club sweat ilk, the weed texture ilk or if the 19-year old is just about that bubble gum – could be a trifecta. With Polyester handling the majority of the production on Marz's debut EP, she's made the proper connections to contend in a burgeoning L.A. scene.

This Little Light of Mine is out November 23.

Marz Lovejoy, “Sticky”