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Somebody loves their J. Spaceman records a lot. That somebody is Mikey Hyde, whose bedroom recordings under the moniker Medication sounds like a band trying to nudge Spiritualized and say, “hey, I get it too. It's all a drag, man.”

Medication's “Didn't Wanna Know” builds a towering wall of shoegaze reverberations, but it's the skeletal acoustic strums, accentuating the strings' tension, that will put Hyde's words into your gut. Hyde has his influences, they oversee the maestro at the 4-track, but Hyde's lo-fi pop carries a weight, not worth dismissing as purely referential.

Medication is from New Milford, CT. The debut This Town begs to be heard in full, not only as a potential tourist's guide to an obscure New England town, but because Medication sings with an isolated fragility not typically associated with the region.

This Town is out now on HoZac.

Medication, “Didn't Wanna Know”