Medium Mystic, “Sleepwalk Girl”

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The Brooklyn-based duo Medium Mystic – comprised of Brenna Ehrlich and Morgan Enos – began their collaboration writing songs together despite living on opposite coasts – Morgan in California and Brenna in Brooklyn. Their quirky subject matter included dreams, night terrors, and their mourning of the loss of David Bowie. “Sleepwalk Girl” is about that very topic, and it comes to fruition now that they both reside in Brooklyn.

Loosely based on a time when Brenna felt the presence of a previous resident haunting her, she found herself falling asleep in one bed and waking up in another. In an entirely different room. “This song was inspired by an incident last year in which I sleepwalked — as I sometimes do. I was staying at a house my parents were renting for the weekend and I was certain it was haunted by the patriarch of the family who used to live there. This was confirmed, for me, when I fell asleep in one bed and woke up in another room (which had been used by the family’s children), tucked into a twin bed.”

With raw instrumentals and upbeat vocals, “Sleepwalk Girl” possesses otherworldly elements, and is widely comprised of a very 60’s musical vibe, much like The Animals‘ “It’s My Life”.

“I had a blast helping to write all these spooky power pop tunes in one weird, long burst,” exclaims Morgan. “Brenna’s energy and internal universe, as laid out in her novels and short stories, has a focusing effect on my work. We can’t wait to perform everywhere. Medium Mystic is here to soothe your Trump nightmares.”

Medium Mystic will be playing their first show on December 7th at Shea Stadium. It is a benefit for Planned Parenthood. Tickets are available here.