Zaytoven, Swagganomics 101: Class is in Session

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If you don't know this California-raised, Atlanta-stationed producer by his name, know him by his deeds. He's truly a major reason why Atlanta music sounds the way it does (synth-y!) and he has worked with a ton of rappers on a ton of tracks. His most frequent collaborator is Gucci Mane, who takes a backseat (for a change) on a tape that tries to give some shine to the lesser-known talent Zaytoven works with. Highlights include “Online”, a song where Mike Fresh and Crazy T talk about how they could get a lot of pussy, but they prefer to stay on the computer instead, and Gorilla Zoe's tribute to pooping, “Doo Doo”, with the classic line, “Diarrhea on you niggas like Niagara Falls.” Get it now!

Gorilla Zoe, “Doo Doo”

Diamond, “Sicknen”

Download the mixtape here.