Mosquito Ego, “Onion Face”

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Onion Face

After a handful of 7″ releases, Mosquito Ego is ready to unleash a full length, 12 track album of righteous proportions on the world. Having found themselves poised to make music in the summer of 2013 as a result of less than desirable circumstances, what started as a makeshift duo is now a quintet comprised of Nataly, Tim, Toby, Moritz, and Reinhold. “Back in summer 2013, I ran a club out of a train car in Stuttgart (Germany),” main Mosquito Mortiz explains. “Reinhold asked me to put on a show for a band from Halle. A week before the show, he told that they have no backline and play for only 20 minutes. Annoyed that I would have to bring all of my gear and also that I had to find an opening act to make the evening worthwhile, I cynically said: I may as well play on my own. Reinhold didn’t think I was joking and said: Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s start a band. So we wrote eight songs in one week.”

Since then, Mosquito Ego has dazzled fans with seething instrumentals accompanied by interesting electronic facets and unique vocals. They’re notable, and they’re nothing if not loud.

“Onion Face” is a single off Glomb, their highly-anticipated album, and is available to stream exclusively through IMPOSE. It begins with an otherworldly sound, almost like static (or an episode of Mork & Mindy), a sound that then transforms into a ghostly echo of a vocal accompanied by piano notes that convey an existential eeriness. Then enters a chorus of musical madness, so many sounds it’s difficult to focus on one. It’s almost like noise for the sake of noise, until parts of it are disassembled and replaced with screaming megaphone vocals. From there, sounds swirl together like the vibrant colors and sweet, sugary dough in a batch of Funfetti cupcakes. And that’s what we imagine with every psychedelic layer that is added to this piece.  Until the end, when it dissolves into the same eery sounds that it began with.

Musical saturation at its finest.

Glomb is out July 1st via Ever/Never Records and will be available on vinyl in the US here.