P.O.S., “Lanes”

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In the indie scene, one becomes accustomed to hearing about artists who drop a critically-lauded work, drop off the face of the earth, then come back years later with their followup. Minnesota MC P.O.S. followed that path, but for a painfully unique reason: in the midst of touring in 2012, P.O.S. experienced kidney troubles and had emergency surgery. Two years later, he had a transplant.

While recuperating, he’s had time to reflect on his life and artistry. Many of those reflections may make it into his new album Chill, dummy, set to be released January 27th on Doomtree Records. P.O.S. dropped off the first taste of the project with “Lanes,” a surging electro-hop banger in which P.O.S. passionately sounds off. “I been in my own way so long,” he says, while rattling off bars about removing regret and urging those around him to to “give me something you don’t ever show.” P.O.S. sounds invigorated, delivering his message with a palpable urgency. After what he’s been through, it’s no surprise.

You can stream “Lanes” below, as well as see the tracklisting for Chill, dummy.


01. Born a Snake
02. Wearing a Bear
03. Bully
04. Faded
05. Pieces/Ruins
06. Get Ate
07. Roddy Piper
08. Thieves/Kings
09. Infinite Scroll
10. Lanes
11. Gravedigger
12. sleepdrone/superposition