New Rose, All Nite

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Country music in New York City often comes with a wink and a nudge — a little something to create some separation from any supposed hokeyness. New Rose forgoes any stylistic disclaimers, opting instead for an unapologetic nod to the foundations laid during the genre’s golden age in the 1960s. The band’s debut EP All Nite, recorded with Rusty Santos (Ariel Pink, Animal Collective), is a no-frills collection of earnest, throwback country tunes.

New Rose includes members of bona fide rock bands Big Eyes and RIPS, but you wouldn’t know it from sitting down with All Nite. The five-piece employs honky-tonk piano, steel pedal guitar, and shuffle beats on each track to create lonesome, meandering soundscapes in the vein of Gram Parsons or Loretta Lynn (unsurprisingly, they cite The Flying Burrito Brothers as an influence).  

While there’s little ground broken here, the band should be applauded for their restraint across All Nite. Sparse arrangements leave room for Daniel Wagner’s simple, effective vocals to stand out alongside exquisite performances by famed steel pedal player Jay Dee Manes.  

The EP closes with its best track, “Country Noise” — a gloomy reflection on leaving the sticks for city life. Other highlights include an unrecognizable reimagining of David Johansen’s “She Knew She Was Falling In Love” that, after receiving the New Rose treatment, ends up blending seamlessly with the rest of the songs on the EP.

All Nite will be available via Broken Circles on 12/23, but you can stream it here right now.