The Bushwick Hotel, “Show You the Way”

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“Show You the Way” is the first single off the new EP “Hard Times” from Brooklyn based band The Bushwick Hotel. The five members of the band, Gregory Ferreira; Matt LaVon; Rudy Temiz; Kenny Cintron; and Hitomi Nakmura, have crafted a song that is a flurry of sound and words.

“The song pulled from many places,” Bushwick’s spearhead Greg Ferreira explains about the track. “It all started when I tried to memorize the lyrics to a French song I had stuck in my head. The next thing I knew I was working out a chanting type of song that was as much about devotion, loss and change as it was about jealousy and S&M. I’m still not sure if it’s a song or a
chant, and the guitars are tuned as low as I felt when I wrote it.”

That very use of guitars and vocal styling is reminiscent of early Lenny Kravitz – balls to the wall musicianship. It just goes to show that loss, in any form, can manifest itself in high energy art.

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