Pregnant liquidates on swans

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Northern California music project Pregnant

Back in August, we speculated on Pregnant, and what will happen to his babies, what with the bedroom artist's ease of access to Northern California's bountiful mushroom cache.

Now we have some answers.

Pregnant, a.k.a. Daniel Trudeau, recently released a cassette Liquidation On Swans (does that sound dirty to anyone else?), a collection of ten songs consistent in their inconsistency, as well as their maturity and attention to production values.

The range is a little staggering, leaving one to wonder the sonic miles Trudeau traveled to get from the sleepy Flaming Lips-toned folk of “For Sometimes” to the campfire patchwork of “Community Builder” and the glitch of “Conjurer.”

Let's assume it was effortless, and that we have a kaleidoscopic pop savant on our hands.

Pregnant, “Conjurer”

Pregnant, “Community Builder”

Pregnant, “For Sometimes”

Download here.