Pregnant, “Uphill Divination”

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Placerville, CA's Pregnant has wowed the Impose staff several times over with his loop-layered pop bliss. Fertile and enriching, Regional Music is keeping us latched at the mainline of Pregnant's sonics.

Daniel Trudeau, a.k.a. Pregnant, is four-ish albums deep under the Pregnant moniker. News flash: Liquidation on Swans was not the debut. As his projects continue to grow in notoriety, I might try out auctioning Beautiful Moon – the record before LoS – on eBay just to test the waters. If you have yet to test the Pregnant waters, go to Trudeau's website to hear streams of three Pregnant records or download Ike Wimin for free and LoS from iTunes.

With Regional Music, Pregnant's kaleidoscopic tapestries are far glitchier than his previous adventures. He's still hung up on disjointed acoustic noodling, subtle nods to break beat rap and shaky weirdo vocals, but this time around it's backed by stuttering electronics that dissociate the organic vibes synonymous with his signature sound. Of course, you won't know this until you dig deep into his record. “Uphill Divination” is everything you'd expect – fruitful in beatitudes.

Regional Music is out in June on Life's Blood.

Pregnant, “Uphill Divination”