True Womanhood did not qualify for the World Cup

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Ha ha, press release:

“We were asked to come up with a song for a World Cup compilation coming out in the UK and the country we were assigned was Slovenia. When we submitted the song it was harshly rejected for sounding like ‘a chant to the devil.’ They actually said that! We found this to be pretty amazing, but even better, the next day we heard back that the song had actually grown on them.”

Don't usually post verbatim from my inbox, but it's great context to the atonal chant opening “It's about time / I got mine” since it's not about a hungry artist so much as a soccer team that “may have problems scoring and winning games” in the weakest group in the World Cup. Har har har.

We caught True Womanhood last Saturday playing with Brooklyn's finest, and we've taken a liking to their brooding, mopey tunes. Enjoy the truly great World Cup comp rejection “This Is Wind Fucker” and the single off their upcoming debut EP Basement Membranes, a song that seems to suggest that Coldplay might end up having a few offspring that don't smell like cell phone commercials after all.

True Womanhood, “This Is Wind Fucker”

True Womanhood, “The Monk”