Religious Girls get free-ish

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religious girls

Religious Girls are one of the Bay Area's most unhinged collectives. The group has bit the bullet on being less than accessible and put its Open Your Heart To Fantasy up for digital download.

We feel its important to note that we saw Religious Girls perform its communal shout and chant over the melancholy melodica of organs and synths before we heard Merriweather Post Pavilion. Dismiss your thoughts of “great, more kids high on MPP.” These guys were probably high on Sung Tungs, so give credit where it's due. We will be the first to say, on record, that we prefer RG to AC, live at least. A Religious Girls live show is going to be intimate with the opportunity to shout out your demons and woes right next to the band members. Just dress in something dingy because these dudes play the drums with day-glo paint–it gets messy.

Religious Girls is down with Oakland based Pretty Blue Presents. The crew is responsible for rad shows and rad records, but if you've been keeping up with us, <a href=””>you know that

. We are a little disappointed Pretty Blue forgot to tell us the record dropped, could have sworn these guys took a hiatus, but we've heard it now.

The Approved Theft is on a name-your-price disclaimer. Open Your Heart To Fantasy