Retail, Dead

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On November 30th, Brooklyn’s hardcore/punk collective Retail – comprised of Austin Jackson (bass, vocals), Ross Condor (guitar), and Max (drums) – is dropping their second release, a follow up to Die, aptly titled Dead. The seven track stunner leads off with the title track, an upbeat headbanger of work with incredibly indecipherable lyrics. But that’s what’s to be expected of Retail, who is known more for creating head bangers than for smooth, understandable compositions.

Dead is an explosion of energy, every song title quirky in its own regard. As you wind through “Scrum” and into “Piss Ant” at a quick clip, that becomes even clearer. While “Thrust” brings several different connotations to mind – a mind that does not live in the gutter -, it’s also placed at a slightly slower pace, making it a lot more of a vibey song than Retail perhaps meant it to be. “No” has less instrumental layers to dissect, though the vocals seem – somehow – more forceful. And while we think the sentiment in the title “Live Fast” can apply to every song on Dead, “Steve” has the the lightest composition in its 1 minute and 56 seconds of sound.

Dead is available for preorder now. Keep up with Retail here.