Rey Res, “The World”

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When San Jose rapper Rey Resurreccion chose the title for his upcoming record, it came from the bird’s eye perspective of the studio that overlooked his Bay Area city. Having earned his keep locally across multiple mixtapes, “My World” finds Rey Res invoking Tupac’s “Me Against The World” over symphonic soul production courtesy of Rhythmatical.

Rey Res settles into “My World” with a gravelly voice that carries the weight of his experiences, from scratching lottery tickets to chasing elusive dreams all in the hopes of catching a break—the big one or just enough to pay off an auto payment.

The grown man philosophies delivered in “The World” translate to the John Atomos-directed video. Rey Res stands in the center of the street, the leaves on the trees are vibrant fall colors symbolizing their impending demise, while the San Jose rapper is poised and untouchable with gentleman’s cool.

Rey Res’ Heart of the City is out January 27, 2015. Preorder the album here.