Slim Twig, “Slippin’ Slidin'” (Eric Copeland remix)

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Slim Twig, "Slippin' Slidin' (Eric Copeland Remix)"

While “Slippin’ Slidin’”, the first track from Slim Twig’s upcoming LP, Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig, was an exercise in massively brash riffs, the Torontonian artist has traded his glam stylings for foreboding hypnotics in this Eric Copeland-remixed version. Copeland, a member of Black Dice, morphed the effect-laden guitars into a swirling repetition of droning sirens, pulsing synths, and an occasional sexualized “yeah.” Constantly evolving but highly linear, the remix builds and folds onto itself as it delves further into a haunted electronic void. As at home on a forward-thinking dance floor as in a drugged-out horror movie, Eric Copeland’s “Slippin’ Slidin’” remix is an intelligently trippy take on the original.

Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig is out August 7 on DFA.