Space Mountain, “Faded Blue”

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Space Mountain (Boston’s Cole Kinsler) is prepping for his album release at the end of August.Kinsler recorded the entire album with one microphone in his bedroom, which is admirable and brings about a beautiful simplicity that is not often found in music anymore. While he revs up for Big Sky, we’ve got the premiere of his latest track, “Faded Blue”, exclusively on IMPOSE.

The song starts off with a singular acoustic guitar, and Kinsler’s deep voice laying down the intro vocals. He introduces our character, who is “old enough to see the way the world works,” and wants more than this life could possibly give her. It’s a look into his thoughts on our place in the universe, and the beauty that comes from both the big and the small. Kinsler’s heavy vocals continue to lend themselves to the storytelling in the track, and it ends with the culmination of a really rad guitar solo. Slightly reminiscent of Johnny Cash, we’re big fans of the direction his sound is going in.

“[‘Faded Blue’ is] about a fictional character in the future who has to leave earth out of necessity, for a new place to live,” expands Kinsler. “’Fading Blue’ is in reference to the fading of the pale blue dot that one would see as they floats away from earth.”


Big Sky is due out August 26th via Dust Etc. It is available for preorder now.