Still fresh: The Death Set, Artificially Sweetened mixtape

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The Death Set, Artificially Sweetened

The Death Set's Artificially Sweetened mixtape was already mentioned in sidelong form, but it keeps repeating itself on Impose HQ iTunes, so what can we do. Basically it's a 43-track tribute and object lesson in the monsters of 90s hip hop and early punk, mashed together with the sub-one minute schizophrenia stylings for which Johnny Sierra is himself a monster and master. It's another free download that contends for the list we made of the best free music of 2010. You can grab the whole thing at the Mishka blog.

He gave some words to NME about his Cure cover, which is a nice moment on the thing:

Was lying in bed at a babe's house passing in and out of consciousness while she was fluttering about downstairs. She put 'Grinding Halt' on and I automaticly woke up thinking 'who is this '77 punk rock act'? When she told me I instantly remembered again and got stoked that this song featured on the same album as 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Killing An Arab'. We decided to cover it while throwing up.

The Dee Dee Ramone rap sequence also comes highly recommended.

The Death Set, “Mashed Potato Time vs. He Hit Me vs. In the Clear” (Dee Dee King vs. The Crystals vs. Cap'n Jazz)

The Death Set, “Grinding Halt” (The Cure Cover)