Bulldozier, six month old dinosaurs

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Bulldozier, Smile Humor EP

By the standards of absolutely modern music coverage, Bulldozier's Smile Humor EP might as well be dusty 19th century French poetry. I absolutely don't care; seeing as I've been listening to it all morning and am currently in love, it needs some sharing.

Bulldozier rose from the ashes of Stars as Eyes and share some affinities: at heart it's electro, but where Stars as Eyes was perhaps a bit more vocal-fronted synth pop, Bulldozier is a sumptuous full-body panoply of Harmonia-era synthetics and beat smithery worthy of that time, and this one. How's that for some old timey lingo.

“The Adult Jaw” leaves mine slack and dumbly hanging open; it's the group's masterpiece so far. The sentiment keeps up through the four tracks, sub 15-minute trip. If you are in any serious Stars as Eyes withdrawal, go directly to “Fuck You, I'm A Dinosaur”, which spends at least part of the time sounding like these musician's past work. (Fuck you, they said they were dinosaurs.)

Smile Humor EP by Bulldozier