Ecstatic Sunshine remixes Zs

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Zs' New Slaves II, the band's remix album out January 25 on Social Registry, is completely loaded, probably unable to walk a straight line. Who can blame it, with so many powerful narcotics topping off the tracklist. There's Thee Majesty (a.k.a. Genesis P-Orridge itself), Rapture's Gabe Andruzzi, Cex, all clocking in work they clearly sweated over. This one here that we're lucky to share with everyone is Ecstastic Sunshine's take on “Concert Black”.

Matthew Pappich has been doing his Sunshine thing for an appreciably long time. (R.I.P. former membership dues from Dustin Wong and these guys and White Williams, who appears to still include Papich in that project.) Anyway, at some point in the last year the key was passed from some expired thing (WZT Hearts?) to Mr. Papich, and Ecstatic Sunshine became a definitive fixture, stalwart, place-holder, in the Baltimore experimental firmament.

We'd call this one a dive through a submerged analog clock shop but Papich gave us a lead with his parenthetical explanation: (Spacewalking Version) it is.

Zs, “Concert Black” (Spacewalking Version) [Ecstatic Sunshine Remix]