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100% LIbrary

Elaiza Santos has been busy of late, whether its ruling the world of Whatever, Dad, or absolutely ruling the universe with Crying, or you know, graduating from musical hot-bed SUNY Purchase. However, this hasn’t prevented her from contributing a fantastic album’s worth of material to the second (and hopefully annual) May5to12 songwriting project. The album, under her solo 100% moniker, is an absolutely haunting seven tracks. Coming in under 15-minutes, The Library is a collection of songs divided as “books” that run the gamut from found-sound art to straight forward melodic pop, often falling somewhere in between. The final track, “Exit”, is Santos at her best, writing fucking absurdly good songs that are ostensibly simple, and yet sounding incredibly fresh and new. For an album recorded during her last week of college (a bonkers moment in time) there is nothing lacking, and nothing else to be desired from these short songs.

You can stream The Library below.