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Bang Bangz, Red City

Houston’s dream-pop, synth-driven trio, Bang Bangz, build huge, layered songs aimed at some kind of spiritual transcendence. Their debut LP, Red City, resembles its name – it’s music for wandering city streets, not quite upbeat enough for a club (except perhaps for dance-party track “Waiting”), and out of place too far from the oh-humanity epicenters.

Reminiscent of a more operatic Joy Division, especially when singer/guitarist Mario A. Rodriguez takes the mic for “Beach Life,” or modern 80s lovers M83, Bang Bangz manage to convey a hopeful sincerity even as their words take a turn for the apocalyptic (like “Last Day on Earth”). Every track is so full – built into layers that coo, that hush, that exhilarate and break your heart all at once. Each song is a crescendo that never ends, an undulating wave that drowns like a movie score’s big moment stuck in a tail-eating loop.

Discover infinity with Bang Bangz below.

The self-released Red City is out now.