Sunglasses vs. Sunglasses

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There are two Sunglasses among us. That's four UV-protected eye balls, in theory, though more like eight in practice, since we're talking about two different duos.

Perhaps you have heard of the one that more people have heard of from us:

Sunglasses is a duo of art college buddies that rode that wave of creativity cultivated on campus from an art film project to a debut EP. Want to know the best way to get a write up from Blake Gillespie on this website? Write a song that's bursting with sunshine vibes and seal the deal with a whistling melody – it also helps if your band is signed to Lefse. Sunglasses is on that post-MPP vibe of multi-layered beats that inspire warm feelings like we're all children of the sun.

Now you can hear about the other one that fewer people have heard of, from us:

Sunglasses are a drone duo out of Chicago who mimic the sound of distant planets orbiting a cold sun and sending long-wave vibrations out to deeper spaces, looking for an impossible response for other intelligent sound, reaching out endlessly towards infinity. They've released stuff on Baked Tapes, Cryptic Carousel, Neon Blossom. They are the minds and hands behind the video site/series Acid Marshmallow (Matt Kimmel) and former members of Miami Beach (Kimmel and his mate, Ryan Chupick). Now you know. Listen:

Sunglasses, “Elephant Miniatures”

“Elephant Miniatures” is from an earlier CD-R while “Ink Position” appeared on a recent split cassette with Red Electric Rainbow.