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Surf Club

Like the indie underground of their northern neighbors in Sacramento; the constant action abounding in the Stockton sector remains at a tireless pace. MLTD closed out 2013 with Born Ruined that obliterated all expectation, and Satan Wriders have a full length in the works, and then Surf Club just went all out and just dropped this single, “Until Then” on us. Proudly recorded in a Northern California living room, the guitars and synth parts recorded at San Francisco's Different Fur Studios with mixing from Craft Spells' Justin Vallesteros and mastering by Matt Bishop; this single swims off the projected desires and pangs of longing that exist between the urges of needs and wants.

So again from enchanced home recordings, Surf Club creates a revolution through stylistic rennaissance. With humble and shy hearts, “Until Then” brings open ended hopes and anticipations of anything is possible. Decades of indie Swedish pop is combined here in the tones and touches that reach out toward the influences from the Euro zones and everywhere other artists and groups of longtime friends band together to make sounds according to their own makeshift means, blueprints, and designs. With the single coming out on France's dream pop single imprint authority, Beko; “Until Then” sails out on ship signals of further great Surf Club voyages and adventures.

While geeking out and gushing over our favorite releases from The Embassy, Surf Club's Frankie Soto and I discussed their new single “Until Then”, the making of the new single, and the latest snap shots and updates on what them and their Stockton cohorts have in the works.

You have hinted in recent conversations about some audio shifts… and then you drop this other worldly sky drift sea of sound that is “Until Then”. How did these ethereal elements come into being?

Jose and I usually will sit in his living for hours and work on music one day I was playing these guitar chords and we just started layering on synth and drums and bass until it all started to come together then we like “jammed” it out with Marcos [who plays lead guitar] and Alfonso [bassist] and just turned it into a real Surf Club song.

What was the inspiration behind the dreamy farewell for now melancholia for “Until Then”?

The instrumentation was really influenced off of Swedish pop like The Embassy and The Radio Dept. and The Legends, etc. The lyrics are about someone wanting the person they love or care about the most doing what they wish would happen… not sure if that makes sense but it kinda does to me.

How do you all balance the ambient wizardry with your songwriting conventions?

It's mostly Jose, he can layer for days with anything, he's good with like the background noise-stuff.

Is this a sign of some forthcoming releases? A new EP? Full length?

An LP is def in the works, but that's all I can say for now.

We're amazed with everything you and your Stockton counterparts have been up to recently. Give us the low down on the latest happenings, upcoming gigs, collabs, etc.

There might be some remixes of Surf Club songs soon and possibly a split tape between Surf Club and another Stockton band…

January 25/26, Heathers and Manatee will be coming to Stockton to play at Delta Thrift with us along with MLTD February 7, Satan Wriders are playing with woolen men and CCR Headcleaner along with Kismet Aura. In March I think FF is coming down from Seattle, not sure whats going to happen the rest of the year, everyone is keeping busy and I love it.

Justin Vallesteros is working on/recording his second Craft Spells record right now, our buddies Satan Wriders are dropping an LP on Harlot soon, MLTD just released a tape and are playing shows, Monster Treasure are working on an LP, I'm not sure what Kismet Aura is doing? They're kinda like ghosts, I see them the least.

Also the song is a digital release from Beko, the dream pop label from France.