Test House take themselves literally

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Test House is Peter Schuette and James Elliot.

Peter Scheutte does Silks Flowers, Peter’s House Music, Psychobuildings, and he did USAISAMONSTER. James Elliott did Bear In Heaven and School of Seven Bells. Now they both do Test House. True to the concept of naming a project quite literally (see: Peter’s House Music), this new collaboration is indeed a playful take on a genre that is timely for those getting down at a sweaty Bushwick dance party with the same people who travelled back in time to the 80s a few years ago and are now careening carelessly towards copping The Orb. Test House hasn’t fallen off that stylistic cliff, to be sure; the duo is pure in its intentions, and draws from most of the faultless electronic moments of the past thirty years: early techno, wordless melodies, komische synth pads and the 4/4 flow are all too ultra-smooth to get caught up in jock-jammed club bang-ups.

Test House, “Bitemarks”

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