The Cool Kids, Tacklebox

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Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks caught hella flack for being too throwback, but with each new mixtape the duo carve out a niche sound that's purely Cool Kids.

The strangest thing happened the other week, while listening to some Chicago house and juke records. My friend who was geeking out on some juke forgot to switch the speeds, playing a record on the 45 speed instead of the proper speed. It slowed down the juke break-neck beats to a thumping crawl. It sounded like a Chuck Inglish beat – no joke. I'm on to your style, son!

Tacklebox dropped yesterday courtesy of the LA Leakers (worst name ever, but I'm a Kings fan). Cool Kids previous mixtape Gone Fishin' didn't do much for me. Even though I'm still baffled by all these fishing references, Tacklebox put me back on board as a Cool Kids fan. Chuck's beats are in a constant state of metamorphosis, knocking with heavy bass and snare kicks that ride into boogie down break beats. He's all over the board with his sound, even finding a smoothed-out 90's R&B flavor.

Download Tacklebox here.

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