The Hood Internet vs. Tobacco vs. Felt

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The Hood Internet had plenty of time to absorb the grimy synth funk of Maniac Meat, while opening for the Tobacco man on his recent tour. It seems only natural that Tobacco is part of HI's latest mash-up EP.

We already put you on to the opportunity to remix the Felt record, we even gave you a so-so example to inspire beats that put the bass in the trunk. This was your chance to help benefit a good organization (826 National). But, you slept and now The Hood Internet is going to steal all your potential shine with a Tobacco vs. Felt mash-up EP.

Seriously, your status ain't hood enough to compete with these guys. The grimy production work of Tobacco almost seems ubiquitously akin to that of Aesop Rock, which has us dreaming up the collaborative records in the vein of Jaylib's Sound Champion – two producers splitting the sides, matching their best beats against the others. Dare we say… epic?

Download Tobacco vs. Felt here.

The Hood Internet x Tobacco x Felt, “Grape For Your Trunk”