The Furr cover The Kinks' “Sunny Afternoon”

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The Furr

Sure, it's Monday, arguably one of the worst on record after Google crashed. That was hours ago though, much like the last whimper of the weekend hangover was quelled by a pot of coffee. Still need a pick-me-up? Try this Kinks cover by The Furr.

Loosely associated with Crash Symbols, and by loosely I mean through marriage, The Furr consists of Liz Pavlovic on drums, Eli Pollard on vox, Cy Pollard on bass, and Francisco Amaya on guitar. While, the band's home of Morgantown, West Virginia might not experience the same taxation gripes Ray Davies originally sang of, The Furr jingle-jangle through “Sunny Afternoon”, off Face to Face, like it was their own. In this election year we heard plenty regarding the debate of proper taxation, which gives the cover a fitting prompt, just replace “save me from the Queen” with “Obama” or “Republican bills” or “funding the city Mayor's private jet”. Find a reason, whether federal or local, to turn a blind eye towards and focus on the sunshine that's blessed this Monday afternoon.

The Furr, “Sunny Afternoon” (Kinks cover)

The Furr are in the process of recording its debut LP and plan a split cassette on Planted Tapes as well as a 7″ with a European label.