The Moi Non Plus, “Away With Words”

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The Moi Non Plus

After a lengthy hiatus, Dutch duo The Moi Non Plus have returned with a new track “Away With Words”, a blistering four-and-a-half minutes of laser rock that explores the realms between shreddy and dreamy. The opening moments of the track are consumed by the introduction of the main riff, a driving guitar line paired with a slinky drum pattern, that exists barely beneath the surface for the full duration of the song while other elements dance in and out of contention. “Away With Words” seems appropriate given the material in the track—there is a heavy enough emphasis on musicality here that when there are lyrics they function almost as another instrumental layer, seemingly pitched and inserted in conspicuous spots to serve as a reminder of what wasn’t there before. As “heavy” as the song is, there is also a conflicting sense of weightlessness that comes through, partially because of the unrelenting pace The Moi Non Plus’ sets early on. Never does the song drag or relent, making its heaviness feel less like a sludgy exercise than a powerful statement.

You can stream “Away With Words” below, via Subbacultcha.