The THANGS, “Wedodo”

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When the world will grow tired of anonymous producers is hard to tell, but if the tides are changing to putting out artists that are anonymous but also challenging and interesting, we can stand the trend for a little while longer. In the case of The THANGS, a mystery sound output who submitted some tracks to Philadelphia's Data Garden this past summer, we won't even bother complaining that no one seems to know where they came from. “Wedodo”, the title track from The Thangs upcoming record, utilizes equal parts retro, lo-fi samples with floating, unhinged beats and chords, to make a track that is dancy and poppy but also unpredictable. It's a vast improvement from the slew of SoundCloud mysteries we've been put through, and in this case, the music speaks for itself.

The record of full THANGS tracks will be available through Data Garden on October 22, a limited number of which will be available as Plantable Albums. More details on that here.