The Weeknd's Thursday

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The Weeknd Thursday

Rumors stirred on Wednesday of the possiblity of this particular Thursday being noteworthy, thanks to a Drake tweet. The Weeknd's Abel Tesfaye is good on his word thus far that 2011 will consist of three records. Part-time party people don't know shit about Thursday, but it's the most harrowing day of the week. Casual happy hour drinks often turn into second locations, turn into “hey, my homie is DJing this spot”, turn into illicit drugs in the bathroom stall/back room, turn into public urination, turn into smashed alarm clocks, turn into cab fare on the dresser and disgruntled bosses. Man, the last thing Thursday needs is a velvet rope soundtrack to its debauchery in a bottle possibilities, but Tesfaye had to go and write “Life Of The Party,” ruining our decent chance at the quiet life.

Stay tuned for Echoes of Silence in the fall.

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