Thee MVPs, ELH +3

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London’s Thee MVPs have been rockin’ the pop scene quite heavily since 2012. During 2016 alone they have gone on an extensive tour across the United States and played SXSW, followed shortly by a tour around the UK. But this band is not about sitting still so, when they found that they had a small break in their time this summer, they decided to create and release a short EP to keep the music momentum going. We’ve got the exclusive streaming premiere of ELH +3 right now.

Any EP that includes a song called “Big Pussy” is something I’m going to listen to, hands down. It’s a nod to a Sopranos character, so don’t go walking around with your mind in the gutter. The guitar in “ELH” is electric (Ha! See what we did there?), accompanying the bittersweet nature of the lyrics at hand. If you’ve ever missed a flight because of some adult beverages, then you’ll understand the “bitter” aspect, while a friend who helps a friend in need manages to keep it “sweet”. “Lie Detector” is a threat in song form originally released by Billy Childish, and we’re giddy over the stellar cover, while the cover of “Neat Neat Neat” by The Damned rounds it all out with a bang.

Every track on this EP is an absolute head bobber, and I can see it being played at an end of summer barbecue bash.

Saturday August 13th – London – Fluffer Records Custard Thruster
Thursday September 15th – Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge
Friday September 16th – Leeds – CHUNK
Saturday September 17th – Glasgow – Freakender

ELH +3 is out August 19th.